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Impeccability Of Your Words And How They Can Change Your Reality

We express our thoughts through words. And our words have the power to manifest into reality. And yet we take this reality very lightly. We use words of all kinds through out the day to talk to others and to ourselves, unaware of the way they are creating our future. 

As you will see in this this blog, the power of words is absolutely incredible and their effect immeasurable and deep. It is therefore important that we understand what this power is, where it comes from and how you can consciously use it to create a life you love. 

What are words? 

To begin with WORDS are the magic only we humans possess. Words are the gateway to our thoughts. We use words to express what we think and feel. Words help us connect with the world within and outside of us. Just like everything is energy, words also are energy. And they carry the energetic vibration of our thoughts and our intentions. 

A simple process to understand is Thoughts create Words which Manifest into your Experiences. 

What this means is 

Your thoughts carry an energy that is expressed through words. The quality of the energy will manifest into the quality of your reality. If you use high vibration thoughts and words, your energetic vibration is high. From this vibration when you manifest your words into action, you can create a life of your dreams.  And if you use low vibration thoughts that come from impure intentions, your reality will reflect the same. 

The easiest way to raise your vibration is to use high vibration words. Spirituality, in short, is the usage of high vibration vocabulary. 

Now that we know where words come from, let us understand how words have the power to create our reality

When you are in a situation or are feeling an emotion, what you think of it or how it makes you feel is expressed through your words. When you choose uplifting, thought-provoking or optimistic words to describe a difficult emotion or challenging situation it changes your perception of it. When your perception changes, your response and reality also change.  

For example, if you tell yourself that you got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning and that nothing is going to go well today, then you’ll spend the day looking for things that confirm that perception. Just as if you tell yourself it’s going to be a particularly lucky day, then you’ll see the smallest thing as a positive omen.

Just by changing the words you use to construct your thoughts, you can completely transform your intention and therefore the results; and this little profound truth can change your entire being. – Sidra Jafri

Words have an energetic vibration. When you use some words, your energy goes up and when you use some other words, your energy goes down. 

Let’s try this now. Take a few deep breaths and become fully present in your body. Now, read the words below slowly and simply receive the energy they emanate. 

Sad, disappointed, angry, depressed, stressed, busy, lazy, not good enough, irritated, upset. 

Notice how your body feels. After a few more breaths, read the words below

Happy, smiling, challenging, loving, laughter, inspired, motivated, looking forward, appreciation, gratitude.

Observe how your body’s response shifted. Notice how your body feels when you say each set of words. For some of us our breathing changes from short to deep breathing, our postures change from slouching or drooping shoulders to an upright and more open stance. You may even find yourself feeling lighter as you move to happier words. 

Words cast spells of black magic or pure magic.

Your words can be blessings or they can be a spell of black magic. By listening to the words someone uses to describe themselves and others, you understand a lot about who they are. Gossip is black magic at its worst. You take others’ opinions of people and make them yours without testing it or realising it. 

Don Miguel Ruiz gives a wonderful example in his book The Four Agreements – A little girl was happily singing one evening when her mother entered the house. While the girl had a nice voice and sang well, that particular day, because the mother had a bad day at work, she wanted some quiet at home. And to her luck the girl’s singing continued to get louder and louder. Finally, the mother got irritated and screamed at the little one saying, ‘don’t you ever sing again, you have an ugly voice’. And in that moment a spell was cast. The little girl grew up and never sang again. She believed she was a bad singer. 

Can you think of those moments in your life when you were told things like you are not pretty, too tall, too fat, too dark, too short, you are shy, you are an introvert, too naive, not smart enough, not rich, not intelligent enough, not educated, not well mannered and so on? 

These spells become your ‘I am’ statements as you grow up. ‘I am’ are the two most powerful words because whatever you say after I am, becomes your reality. And more often than not, these ‘I am’ statements come from ‘You are’ statements – the many labels people gave you as were growing up or as you go about life even today. 

Through such examples you see how words cast a spell on you and change your reality. It makes you by casting a spell of pure magic or breaks you by casting a spell of black magic. Just as it does to those around you. 

Until someone comes along and tells that girl she sings beautifully and appreciates her voice, she will not be set free from that earlier spell. 

So now the question is how do you consciously use the power of words to create a life that is happy and fulfilling 

There is one simple way to do it – Become impeccable with your word – both with others and yourself. 

Impeccability means being honest and truthful in the use of your words at all times, backed by purity in intention. It means using your words to uplift and inspire, rather than to criticise and hurt. When you are impeccable with your word, you build trust and respect with others, and you develop a strong sense of self-worth and integrity.

With others – When you become impeccable with your word, no one can cast a negative spell on you. You will only receive a negative idea if your mind is fertile ground for that idea. When you become impeccable with your word, your mind is no longer fertile ground for words that come from black magic. Instead, it is fertile for the words that come from love. 

With self – Becoming watchful with our words with others is easier than with ourselves. Because the first is spoken and the second is running in our mind most of the time and we are quite unaware of them. It is difficult to catch the language we use with ourselves. Sometimes these words come out when we are with people. 

For eg., when someone says you are looking beautiful, you shrug and say, it’s just the colour of the clothes or if they say you are looking slim, you may say it’s because I’m wearing black or you’ll simply deny it by saying, oh no, I’m just getting fatter by the day. 

Let’s do a simple exercise to observe and become aware of the words you use to describe yourself. 

Close your eyes and picture yourself standing in front of the mirror. What words do you use to describe yourself?  Fill the words followed by I am. I am beautiful. I am not good looking. I am tall. I am not fair. I am too short. Now notice a few people appear around you and are saying nice things to you – they are saying you are smart, they are appreciating your looks, what you are wearing, how you carry yourself, see their eyes filled with so much appreciation and awe as they are simply looking at you. Notice how you are receiving these words. Do they seem true, do they seem false? 

Write down the words you used for yourself. Do the same for the others too. How many words were positive and how many did not serve you? Read through your list. Which words make you feel light and which make you feel dense? This simple, yet deeply profound exercise can be a big step in the right direction for most of us. 

How do you bring about a change? 

A good place to start is by

  • replacing the non-serving ‘I am’ statements to statements of power and love 
  • replacing your current non serving words into words that shape a new reality for you
  • writing affirmations

To summarise, our words come from our thoughts, they manifest their power by creating our reality, our words cast spells on us and on others, and we can consciously use the power of words to create a life we love by being impeccable with our words – with others and with ourselves. 

The more you nurture this seed of being impeccable with your word, the more it will grow in your mind, and it will generate more seeds of love to replace the seeds of fear.

Here is a guided meditation to help us break all the old spells under which we are operating, cleanse the soil of our mind, make it fertile to receive words of love and consciously sow the seeds of words that are inspiring and uplifting in our minds.


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