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How To Break Free From Your Life Patterns?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same rut, no matter what you do? 

Can’t make money, no matter how hard you try?

Can’t have good health, no matter how healthy you eat?

Can’t manifest a good relationship, no matter what you do?

Can’t think positive, no matter what you do?

I’m doing all the work and still not getting results?

If your answer to most of these questions is a yes, then this blog is for you. Here we offer some insights and tools lovingly created by Sidra Jafri,  that can help you on your journey forward. We invite you to read all the way to the end of this blog, receive what each paragraph has to offer, reflect upon it, give it a try and then decide which parts you’d like to onboard and which ones you’d like to discard. 

So the first thing to do is to check in with yourself on a few ways to go forward. When things are not going the way you desire, ask yourself some key questions that will open up in your awareness a sense of reflection.  

Have I tried enough?
How much and how many times have you worked on the challenges you are faced with? If you have tried once and haven’t seen a result, maybe you need to try a few more times..

But if you have been at it for a while and have been trying several times over, then look into this aspect. Are you doing the same things every time? If yes, try different things. Doing the same thing will bring you the same result. To get a different result, try different ways. 

If you have been doing things differently, then it is important to analyse if you are moving closer or away from the change you desire. If you are moving closer, know that this is working and continue till you reach the change you wish to experience. 

If you are moving further away from the change you desire, stop and get an objective look at what you are doing. Step outside your life and watch it from the observer’s eye. It is when you reach this stage that you will begin to notice repetitions of behaviours and habits in your life, and how they are playing out in different situations. 

Sidra says -“If something in your life is not functioning properly the chances are you have a belief around that issue that needs updating or a lesson that needs integrating. You are probably not even aware yet that you are caught up in a negative or a repetitive pattern. Remember everything is a co creation.” 

So what are patterns? 

Simply put, things that happen in your life repeatedly are called patterns. Our patterns reveal to us our unhealed and unaddressed parts. By becoming aware of them and resolving to learn from their underlying messages, we begin to move in the direction of healing ourselves by letting go of non serving emotions and thought forms.

What do these patterns indicate? 

Like Sidra says, these patterns are an indication that something is not ok and needs our attention to be released, so we can move forward in life. What lies within these patterns are usually messages about lessons we need to integrate or beliefs we need to reflect upon or a little bit of both. Let’s explore these a little more. 

Learn a lesson 

When there is something you need to learn or work on in your life, the same situation will continue to repeat itself until you learn the lesson and integrate it. Each time it will hit you with a harder intensity – first a nudge, then a push, then a slap – till you wake up and see it! 

An interesting way to examine this is by examining data points in our current relationships with people, money, ourselves and the universe. These points could mirror what we struggle in one part of our life, with a struggle we are creating for someone else. 

Eg., You are experiencing a troubled relationship with your child. This could indicate a troubled relationship you experience with your parents. Your clients are not paying you in time, you may want to check if you are paying your creditors on time. People are cheating on you, who are you cheating on?

Or learning a lesson could mean experiencing emotions like forgiveness, self worthiness, peace, compassion, love and so on. This usually happens when we have signed soul contracts in the soul kingdom asking to experience some emotions while we are on the Earth plane. A friendly soul agrees to help you experience forgiveness, by hitting you hard with an action that will necessitate your acceptance of it, and forgive them for what they have done to you. Or someone will do everything they can to break you up till you learn the lesson of self worth and confidence and integrate it deep within you.

Once you learn the lessons, you’ll notice these patterns will reach a stop, the loop will close and you will be free to move forward and experience newer facets of living this life. 

Let go of non serving beliefs 

This is the second revelation of  our life patterns. If it is not a lesson you need to learn, it could be a belief that needs to be released from your system. It could be someone else’s belief that you felt compelled to embrace in the moment and now it is your belief.  You continue living your life with this belief that does not serve what you wish to achieve. 

Eg.,Growing up you were exposed to the belief in your environment at home or in school which said life is hard, money is difficult to come by, relationships are challenging, it is ok to cheat, duty at the cost of my happiness. Now even if you want to manifest more money or have a fulfilling relationship, this belief is going to sabotage your every effort in that direction. 

So what do you do to identify and release life patterns that are not allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

Here are a few steps that can help you on this journey

  • Write down the issues you’re currently struggling with and see if there are any repetitions. These are your patterns. 
  • Notice your default response to these patterns as that is also a pattern in itself. When you land in a situation – what’s your default response? Is it – Why me? Not again! Or is it – I’ve got this!
  • Identify your top challenges and see if they fall under the lesson or belief category.
  • Take your top pattern and dig deeper. Go back to the point of creation – where did you first experience this pattern? What was happening at the time? How were you feeling? 
  • See if there was a lesson to be learned or a belief that stayed with you.
  • If this was trying to teach you a lesson, what would it be?
  • If it was a belief – whose is it? Do you need to carry it forward or release it?

Spend some time journaling today, and reflect on the questions and steps above to get deeper awareness around your life patterns. 

When you are done with this list – make a note of the emotions that are showing up in your body as you reflect upon these patterns. Do you feel angry, sad, rejected, disappointed, upset or irritated? Pick the top emotion and use Sidra Jafri’s omnipotent tool – Access Body Consciousness (ABC) to release that emotion, dissolve the pattern and live a life that is lighter, brighter and more awake than ever before. 

Connect with your body’s consciousness to understand how it stores information, emotions and memories. Understand what the message is for you. Sidra says – ‘if it is an emotion you feel – get a sense of where that emotion could live in your body. If it is a body pain you feel – know that it has some emotion attached to it.’

Then by using the 5 steps in the ABC process, you can begin to heal yourself. The 5 steps are:

  1. Identify
  2. Accept
  3. Release
  4. Replace
  5. Celebrate

Click on this link to listen to a guided ABC to help you move forward.

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