What if you could gift your adult self a glimpse into your inner child’s world?  What lessons can your inner child teach your present self about embracing joy and living authentically?  In this blog, we invite you to go on a special date – a date with your inner child. Sounds silly? I urge you […]

A lot has been said about intention and the impact our intentions have on the results we seek and the life we wish to create. And yet, we seldom dive deep to understand what is the quality of our intentions and how we can consciously create intentions that are powerful and pure. So let’s start […]

From the time we are born to the time you are reading this blog, our life is a series of thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences and beliefs. And the unusual blend of these ingredients coupled with our circumstances form our mindsets, judgements and how we view the world we live in and how we experience all […]

So what does always doing your best mean to you?  At a basic level it means what it says – do your best in every situation, always. No matter which culture we grew up in, this is a habit that every adult has tried to instil within us. It is one of the cornerstones to […]

We live our lives based on multiple assumptions at all times and at all levels. Assumptions are necessary for us to move forward in life. Some examples are, we assume we will live for at least 80 years and so we plan our retirement fund accordingly. Or we assume we will go to work for […]

What does it mean when you say nothing is personal?  Let’s start by discussing a common struggle that many of us face. Let’s say you are having a good day and then someone makes a comment about how you are dressed, or points a finger at you saying you are not that smart, makes fun […]

We express our thoughts through words. And our words have the power to manifest into reality. And yet we take this reality very lightly. We use words of all kinds through out the day to talk to others and to ourselves, unaware of the way they are creating our future.  As you will see in […]

If everything in your life is working in perfect harmony, then we don’t need to understand or delve deeper into the journey of our beliefs. But, if it isn’t, maybe it is time to look closely at what the reasons could be and where they could come from.  THE LOBSTER’S TAIL  One day a child […]

We all have an inner circle and an outer circle of relationships in our life. People in the inner circle are further divided into 3 more circles. These 3 circles are family, friends and work. It is within our interactions in these 3 circles that we find situations that make us experience a whole range […]

Have you ever felt that your health is nagging you without any specific reason? You feel sudden aches, pains and headaches? Do you need to pop a pill to get through your day sometimes? Do you feel a lack of motivation, or feeling lethargic, out of focus, off mood? Do you experience feelings of fear […]

While I’m not working on my business, I enjoy being of assistance to a friend who runs an awesomely happy dance studio based in Jalandhar in the name of Studio Antara. Being a much loved Kathak and creative art studio, they host an annual dance recital called Dream Catcher every year. This is an opportunity […]

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same rut, no matter what you do?  Can’t make money, no matter how hard you try? Can’t have good health, no matter how healthy you eat? Can’t manifest a good relationship, no matter what you do? Can’t think positive, no matter what you do? I’m doing all […]