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The Power of a Pledge

While I’m not working on my business, I enjoy being of assistance to a friend who runs an awesomely happy dance studio based in Jalandhar in the name of Studio Antara. Being a much loved Kathak and creative art studio, they host an annual dance recital called Dream Catcher every year.

This is an opportunity for their students from age 6 to 65+, from all walks of life, to perform on stage. I’ve been privileged enough to anchor this show with different themes each year.

The theme this time was 🦋Wings of Joy and was dedicated to their commitment to teach dance to the girl children of an orphanage. Aditi Mittal, the young dance trainer, went in every week to teach these kids. At the recital, these kids danced straight into the hearts of the audience, leaving everyone moist eyed. The massive auditorium experienced an uproar of applause, cheering and so much joy all at once.

Wings of Joy is a reminder of the #butterflyeffect we all experience in our lives – which shows how one small act, done with the intention to help someone, can create such a transformation in not just their life, but in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. One person’s action to help those children learn dance, led to a room full of people witnessing magic first hand and created room for a pledge.

A pledge where everyone promised to commit their time to helping someone’s life become better without expecting anything in return.

Being in the room and making everyone take a pledge of this kind, simply blew the energy levels to an all new high. A few weeks of thinking and I knew what I wanted my pledge to be.

I took a ✋ pledge to run Soul Sundays – an alternate Sunday series of conversations around energy, consciousness and healing to help us all move towards a more awakened life. These online sessions started with the commitment to take my Guru Sidra Courageous Jafri teachings forward and keeping her legacy alive and thriving!

It’s been 6 successful Soul Sunday sessions so far – and it is difficult to explain the inner joy I feel as I see strangers join us, stay on with us and how amazingly they are all working on making their lives lighter and brighter each day.

It also lead to the launch of the Activating Body Harmony Podcast so people from any time zone and location can listen to guided meditations that will help them unshackle themselves from anything that is holding them back and live a life of ease and grace.

Thank you Aditi Mittal for beginning a butterfly effect so beautiful, it continues to spread its magic and touches more lives each week. Thank you for inspiring me to take this pledge.

The moment I took this pledge of 26 weeks of Soul Sundays, Nidhi Mittal Bhuwania – my bestie and the founder of Studio Antara, jumped in and committed to co-facilitating these sessions with me! This is truly what doubling your joy looks like. Ever grateful for her support without which these sessions wouldn’t be as much fun as they are now!

To anyone reading this post, wherever you are, whatever you do, I invite you to join us for a Soul Sunday session, that runs for an hour (it’s absolutely free) and give yourself the time and space to lighten your life!

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