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Just Because You Can See It, You Don’t Have To Say It

Just because you can see it, you don’t have to say it.

It was the first time I had heard these lines. And ever since these words of Sidra ring in my ears so often. She says it with so much passion and conviction, it blows you away. The magical space we enjoyed before and after the Soul Spa had many deep lessons like this one – all wrapped in one sentence. I like to call them one line lessons with the depth of an ocean.

Pause for a moment and go back into your own past. Can you recollect an incident where you were at the receiving end? You sure know how it feels even to this day. That moment when you were oblivious to what was heading towards you. And someone decides to say it to you, like it they see it. And just like that, an otherwise normal day, simply freezes over. The morning that filled your heart with a happy sunshine, suddenly turns grey and gloomy. What was said may have been true, but that’s not what we are talking about here. It’s not about what you are saying, it is about how you are saying it. And was it necessary that you say it?

Using a thoughtful pause and some discernment when saying what you see can make or break hearts. Very simply put, no matter what you see, can you say it in a way that uplifts the listener and doesn’t shake their tree?

We all know at least one person like this in our network. More often than not, it is not what they see that scares me as much as the way they articulate what they see and say it. Lands on you like a piece of unwanted flying shrapnel from a bomb. Pierces and wounds your sense of self, tramples your confidence, instils fear of tomorrow and in some cases psyches you so bad, you almost attract it into your life.

Being super psychic herself, Sidra reads timelines of people in minutes and knows what’s going to show up next for that person. Sometimes, she foresees some uphill time for them. What makes all the difference is in the way she says it.

During her 121 session with a participant, Sidra saw an emotionally challenging time ahead for the woman. Something that would isolate her from her biological family. Lovingly she put her arm around her and said “your emotional body is going into the washing machine for good this season. And when you emerge from the wash, you’ll come out stronger than ever. I’m excited for you. And when you are at the peak of that ride remember – you got this!” That is Sidra for you. If you’ve been in her presence you’d know this to be true.

Sidra goes on to say – ‘Just because you can see it, does not put you on a pedestal!’ Can we be that person who has peoples’ backs when we see something not so great happening to them, instead of being news reader like – ‘I’m only saying what I see’. When you add a touch of compassion to what you see, your articulation of it will land a lot softer on the recipient. Can you use words of faith, hope and courage to end that conversation, leaving them feeling supported?

When what you see needs to be said, make sure you wrap it with oodles of compassion, love and purity of intent. Are you saying it only because you want to be the first to say it, or to prove something to yourself or stand true to your reputation of being someone who can foresee into the future or use this to say at some point later – ‘see I told you this was going to happen’. Saying what you see does not earn you the reward of being a fortune teller, nor is it some sort of competition. So the next time you see it – say it only if it serves the person, and say it in a way that holds their space, not in a way that brings their world crumbling down. And if you can’t find the right words, wait – choose silence. You won’t regret it!

Trust the universe to pass that message to the listener in its own way.

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