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Gratitude And Appreciation – Are They The Same Thing?

What comes to mind when you think of gratitude and appreciation? Do they mean the same thing? 

Gratitude and appreciation are related but different. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness for something that has been given or done for you. It is often directed towards someone who has done something kind or helpful for you. Gratitude often involves a sense of indebtedness or obligation to the person or thing that has helped you.

Appreciation, on the other hand, is a feeling of recognizing the value of something or someone. It involves acknowledging and valuing the positive qualities of someone, without necessarily feeling a sense of obligation. Appreciation can be directed towards things like art, music, nature, or towards people, such as a friend or a partner.

In summary, gratitude is what you feel when something has been done for you, while appreciation is about the value of someone.

Newton’s law says – Every action always has an opposite and equal reaction.

When you apply the idea of gratitude to Newton’s law it says: every action of giving thanks always causes an opposite reaction of receiving. And what you receive will always be equal to the amount of gratitude you’ve given. This means that the very action of gratitude sets off a reaction of receiving! And the more sincerely and the more deeply grateful you feel the more you will receive.

Sidra Jafri says Appreciation and gratitude are the keys to living a fulfilled life. What you appreciate, appreciates. But you can’t think of appreciation or gratitude, you have to be it. That’s when the true magic happens.”

She goes on to say ‘If it’s still not working, check the purity of your intention. Do you really want to make a shift, or are you doing it on the surface? Are you addicted to this situation, and you are unable to let go? Can’t imagine a life without it?’ Asking these quality questions can guide you towards the right direction. 

Why is it important to feel grateful and express gratitude?

Gratitude can affect all four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) in a positive way.

Physical body: Gratitude replaces a weak immune system, and high bp with lower bp and a sense of feeling healthier. 

Emotional body: Gratitude replaces anger, resentment, and envy with more positive emotions, such as happiness, contentment, and love. 

Mental body: Gratitude improves mental health by reducing depression and anxiety. It can also help people feel more focused, present, and clear-minded.

Spiritual body: Gratitude can help people feel a sense of connectedness and purpose, as it allows them to appreciate the things in life that bring them meaning and fulfillment. It can also help people feel more connected to something larger than themselves, such as a higher power..

Overall, gratitude can have a positive impact on all four bodies, helping people feel more balanced, fulfilled, and connected.

Why is it important to appreciate yourself and others? 

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to achieve, and whoever you want to become, the person that you are right now is the one who’s going to take you there.

Don’t you think it’s important to appreciate the person that you already are to become an even better version of it?

What you cannot do for yourself you can’t do for others. A naked man can’t give you a shirt. Appreciation, like charity, begins at home. When you appreciate yourself and who you are, two things happen. First, you open the doorway to receive more appreciation and second, you no longer need external validation. 

When you appreciate someone else, you help their energy blossom. Loss of words is not an excuse to not appreciate someone. Your genuine intention is what matters when you appreciate – the words you use are a bridge for that appreciation to reach that person. Great words with no intention won’t do the magic. When the right intention is woven with simple words, the feeling will travel forward with ease and grace. Every single time. 

Here is a simple way to make gratitude and appreciation a way of life. 

Begin an appreciation journal today. Inside it, write
1 thing you are grateful for and why
1 thing appreciate about yourself and why
1 thing you appreciate about someone else and why

When you write the why behind each statement, you will go deeper in feeling gratitude and appreciation. Even if it seems obvious to say it – for eg., I am grateful for the flight being on time, because it helped me be in time for the client meeting, without feeling stressed. 

Do this 3 times a week for 5 minutes. Ideal time to journal is to pick that part of the day when you have sometime to yourself. Maybe when you are having your cup of tea / coffee is a great time. Find a time that works for you. And be fully present as you journal – feel the feelings of that which you are journaling, allowing the experience to create an energy shift inside you. 

Have fun with the homeplay and integration will be so much easier and faster! 

To help you get started we have a wonderful process that you can listen to. Click here.

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