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Are You A Foodie Or A Food Addict?

Being a foodie refers to a person who has a strong interest in food and enjoys trying new and different types of cuisine. A foodie may enjoy cooking, dining out, and learning about different ingredients and flavors. Food addiction, on the other hand, refers to a pattern of unhealthy and compulsive behavior around food. Someone with a food addiction may have difficulty controlling their food intake, feel unable to stop eating even when full, and continue to eat despite negative consequences such as weight gain or health problems. Food addiction can have serious physical and emotional consequences and may require professional treatment to overcome.

There are a few key differences between being a foodie and having a food addiction:

  1. Motivation: A foodie enjoys trying new foods and flavors for the pleasure and enjoyment of it, while someone with a food addiction may turn to food as a way to cope with negative emotions or stress.
  2. Control: A foodie can generally control their food intake and make choices based on their personal preferences and taste buds, while someone with a food addiction may struggle to control their food intake and may feel compelled to eat even when they are not hungry.
  3. Consequences: A foodie may enjoy trying new foods and seeking out culinary experiences, but they are able to do so without experiencing negative consequences such as weight gain or health problems. Someone with a food addiction may continue to eat despite experiencing negative consequences.

Bringing awareness to which one you are is the starting step to understand your craving behaviours and what they indicate. When you find yourself eating more than necessary or eating for the sake of eating, stop.

More often than not, our craving for food comes from boredom, restlessness and surge of different emotions like loneliness, anger, sadness and irritation. It is our physical body that needs nutritious food to function well. However, we turn to junk and any kind of food, when we are not necessarily hungry.

The next time you find yourself eating when you are not hungry, ask yourself which body of mine is hungry right now?

If is the physical body – give it nutritious food or water, instead of junk food or dead food.

If it is the mental body – engage your mind and feed it the right thoughts – read something inspiring, watch a relevant video, listen to a podcast, or simply journal your thoughts.

If it is the emotional body – hug someone for 20 seconds and allow some feel good hormones to flow, hug yourself, recall a happy memory, talk to a loved one

If it is the spiritual body – walk in nature, meditate, do breathing exercises so you feel centered, hug a tree or enjoy a conversation with your creator and feel the connection with the universe.

The next time you reach out for food, use these points to deepen your awareness and feed the right body. Each of our bodies need the right nutrition for us to experience optimum health. Eating the right food, but harbouring non serving feelings and thoughts are not going to bring you the right results. Harmony between our 4 bodies is key to live life with ease and grace, and for that to happen, awareness is the doorway.



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