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3 Ways To Heal Your Past And 3 Ways To Create A Future You Desire

Sadhguru says, as humans we enjoy two core faculties – one is memory and the other is imagination.  We have access to our superb memory which recalls things that have happened as far back in our childhood to our recent past. Then there is our fantastic imagination that is capable of chasing your thoughts in any direction and imagining things in the future. Both of these together can either make us suffer or rejoice and be light.

In this blog we dive deeper into understanding how we can be aware of the direction of our thoughts and take conscious action to create a future we desire. 

Most of us relive what happened in our past, for years and decades together. What happened to us once, we continue to recall and feel those feelings all over again, strengthening the pathway of that thought deeper in our subconscious mind. What is the result? Sidra Jafri explains  – ‘when we continuously live in this loop of thoughts that are either reliving a past memory or imagining what the future will look like, we miss the gift of the present’. She goes on to say that depression is a result of our clinging to the past and anxiety is a result of feeling wary and fearful about the future. 

Pain Of The Past – Leads To Depression

Living in the past for a longer time leads to depression. No matter how much you think about it, you cannot change the past. You can only learn from it and leave it there. Move on with the lessons and create a future you desire. You have no control over your past. It is done, it is over, it is not your today. When we are unable to break away from the past, we begin to project a future that comes from the low vibration of the emotions of the past. We start manifesting a future that is coming from disappointment, anger, hurt, grief, being let down, rejected, disappointment, feeling of not being good enough and so on. 

Depression derails your journey into the future by keeping you stuck in the past. It does not let you live fully. It numbs your senses to enjoy the present and it gets heavier to carry with each passing day. You don’t even realize you are carrying so much load after a point because you think this is how your life is and how you feel. It dislocates your original normal to a new normal which is way below on the energy scale. 

How To Heal Your Past

Forgiveness – The magical process of doing ABC (Access Body Consciousness) is a great way to begin the process of forgiving those who you continue to carry in your heart. Forgive them to free yourself and your energy, so you can channel this energy to meaningful paths that lead to productive days and a happy life. 

Healing Light – Every time a memory shows up, acknowledge it and send healing light to that moment, so it may dissolve. Over time, you will notice that the memory is beginning to fade away and even when it shows up, it is less intense and does not send your senses into a tizzy. How to send light – quite simple. Close your eyes, imagine that moment or person and feel a ray of white healing light going from your heart to theirs. Do this for a few moments and open your eyes. Know that your light has reached them. 

Clearing Statement – ‘I exchange the energy of love and respect with you (name of person), at all times’. Write this statement 7 times for 21 days and you will notice that your emotional charge towards that person or event has come down. 

Give yourself a number – Sidra is big on measuring what gets done. Before you write the clearing statement mentioned above – rate the intensity of your feeling on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 being no charge at all, and 10 being a very intense feeling. 

Rate yourself every day, after writing down the clearing statement and check how you are doing. You’ll be surprised how the number indicates the intensity of what you feel and this puts you in a position of power to turn around your life. You are no longer helpless around your past. 

Use Your Memory – to recall the happy moments in your life, the courageous actions you took to come this far and allow them to elevate your energy levels. Give yourself credit. Acknowledge and appreciate your journey through life. Remember things could have been worse. Be grateful for where you are. 

Fear Of The Future – Leads To Anxiety

By being in a state of constant over thinking about the future and imagining things that may happen, we invite anxiety into our lives. Mark Twain’s quote – ‘I have lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened’ is a perfect example of how we spend our precious days building anxiety by foreseeing ourselves in difficult situations where we are helpless or miserable. 

How To Create A Future You Desire

Affirmations – Write what it is you want your future to look like. Write it in the present tense. Eg., if you are unwell now, your affirmation does not read – I will be healthy. It would read – I am healthy and fit. When you write this in the present tense, you are telling your brain, this is my new reality and it begins to align with it. 

Replace Your Thoughts – Each time you find yourself overthinking or worrying about the future, become aware of the thought trail. Stop right there. For this to happen, create a shift in your physical body. If you are sitting, get up and go for a walk, or smile consciously, do some jumping jacks, do anything to consciously create movement in your body. This allows you to change your state of mind in a second. 

Now think 5 good thoughts about your future, to train your mind to go on that track of thinking. When you start doing this continuously, over a period of time you will actually re-wire your pathways and create lasting change. Remember to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Energy goes where the thought flows. 

Use Your Imagination – to create a future of your dreams, not to conjure up a future that is based on fear and insecurity. Imagine a future where you wake up feeling light and happy each morning, where you are living your dream life and making this world a better place.

When you constantly engage with thoughts based on how your energy feels you will learn to become more and more aware of where they come from. Are they coming from a past memory or are they coming from fear of the future. When your mood feels low,  chances are your mind is engaging in thoughts of the past or the future. Lovingly diverting your mind continuously towards thinking the right way will help you be more and more in the present and relish being there. 

When you are in the present fully, you will notice how receptive and sensitive you become to all your thoughts and actions. You will enjoy that cup of tea with all its flavours bursting in your mouth with that first sip and feel the warmth in your throat as you take it in. You will find yourself listening with your full attention when someone is talking to you. Wherever you are, whatever you do – you will be there fully – mind, body and soul in that moment. Let’s stop suffering our memory and imagination and start enjoying our present in all its glory, like a child. 

The truth is, the past is gone and the future is unfolding each moment in the form of the present. So be here, now.

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