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What is your relationship with Money?

Money – the one word that pulls out a whirl of different emotions in different people. It is almost like a memory of some sort that we hold emotional charge towards. While money essentially is energy of exchange for us to experience a product or service, over the years many versions of dealing with emotions around money have taken precedence in the conversations between masters and thinkers world over.

Money is an important tool for us to experience this world and to create a life we dream of. Sidra Jafri, bestselling author of The Awakening (and my Guru), speaks about befriending, appreciating, and respecting money to help us improve our relationship with money in a beautiful and simple way.

While there are several different facets to understand our relationship with money, these few take my attention and make me increasingly curious.

Blueprint – What is a money blueprint? Does each of us carry it in our DNA? Is it what shapes our future relationship with money? Do we carry it from this lifetime alone or is it a memory that we carry over different lifetimes? Is our blueprint the legacy we hand over to our future generations? Are we carrying the burden of our ancestors’ challenges around money?

These questions fill my mind with a hunger to dwell deeper and make me ask many more questions as I begin this journey to explore this subject further.

Money blueprint – At a basic level, it simply means what are the things we heard around money as we grew up. Did we hear statements like ‘money is a tool to help my family live a better life, money helps me help more people in the world’ or ‘it is very difficult to make money, it does not grow on trees, rich people have earned that money using the wrong means’ and so on. The bad news is, at some point or the other we have all been exposed to nonserving statements around money because these form the majority of the consciousness of the planet. The good news is, once you become aware, you can flip this blueprint and actively and consciously choose to create a new blueprint of your choice. How does that feel?

There are many ways to change our money blueprint – reading and learning about money from those who have fantastic money energy, actively engaging in writing affirmations to create new pathways of thought, and make small changes in the way we approach money each day in each situation. Using many proven techniques to manage the money we currently make, so we are better equipped to make our money make more money for us, and at the same time to send a message to the Universe, that you can handle more money now. This opens the flood gates of abundance into your life.

At ABH we discuss these challenges around money, shifting our mindsets, and creating a new relationship with money in detail across two workshops. The first is Money Consciousness which gives you to tools to move forward on a journey towards a financially free life and the second is Abundance Consciousness which helps you consistently move towards an abundant life!

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