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2 Powerful Ways To Harmonize Your Relationships – Without Saying A Word

Are you feeling helpless in a relationship? 

Do you fear speaking your truth because it may damage your current relationship? 

What is the effect a relationship has on your 4 bodies? 

All these questions can create a sense of unease in many of us. It may make us feel stuck and burdened. If you are someone who is facing this challenge, then this blog is for you. 

If I ask you how are you doing? What’s the usual response – I’m fine. 

When you ask the same questions, you get the same answers. It is when you change your questions that you will start to see different answers showing up. Quality questions hook the mind, heighten your awareness and give you an opportunity to reflect or wonder about what could the answer be and what that could mean for you. 

Instead of asking how are you? If I ask you, are you happy? What would your response be? 

Now if I ask you to give your happiness a number, what number would it be? 0 being not happy at all and 10 being very happy. Close your eyes for a moment. Don’t think too much, go with the number that shows up in your mind first. It is usually the right one. When you allow yourself to overthink the answer, logic kicks in and you lose the real thread of your emotion. 

What number are you at? 

Pause for a moment and take that number in. Does the number reveal anything? How many of you are surprised by that number? It is higher or lower than you expected it to be. 

What contributes to that number? If it is an 8 – what do you think is the reason, if it is a 3 why do you think that is? 

How does your body feel at that number…dense or light? Make a note. High vibration emotions make your body feel light, flowy, easy and flexible and low vibration emotions make your body feel tight, tense, stiff and heavy. 

What contributes to your sense of happiness? Our sense of happiness is deeply connected to our levels of health, wealth and relationships. And fluctuations in these cause this number to go up or down. 

When all is well, we are well. When all is not well or any one is also not well, it shows up in our 4 bodies in the form of disease, stress, anxiety and depression.

The basis of all your health and wealth lies in your relationships. Let me explain. When the relationship base in your life is strong and going well the other two areas also do well. All the money and great health without happy and fulfilling relationships gives you a sense of incompleteness. Fulfillment is what feeds our soul. 

Think of a time in your life when you felt very fulfilled and happy – flashes from a carefree childhood may come to mind or your young adult days with friends and loved ones may show up as a happy memory.

Real fulfillment comes when you have fulfilling relationships in life.

What is the quality of your current relationships? What stops you from experiencing or creating fulfilling relationships? 

It is usually one or more of these reasons – our past experiences, our ego, lack of communication, trust issues, different perspectives and so on. 

The big question then is – How do we build relationships that are more harmonious? 

Sidra says –The foundation to more loving and harmonious relationships lies in accepting, forgiving and loving others for who they are. And this can happen only when you accept, forgive and love yourself for who you are.’

There are two perspectives you can explore that will help us deal with relationship challenges. 

The first perspective is focused inward – WORK ON YOU – what can we change about ourselves that can help us experience more harmony in our relationships? It’s about working on ourselves. It begins by accepting the other person’s point of view. You may not agree with them, but accepting that they can think differently is important. You can always agree to disagree with their point of view – but understanding that they can have a perspective that is different from yours and being in acceptance of the same is the way to move forward. 

Eg., you want to get some project done your way, but your team will want to achieve the same by doing it another way. Who is right? Maybe both are – but the ways are different. Two parents bringing up a child – each one has a different way to deal with the child’s tantrums, or a different perspective on how to bring up the child.

But what do you do when you know it is obvious that the other person is doing harm to their own selves – eg., a child is not studying during exams, or someone is abusing themselves with substance or being in an abusive relationship. Or when the person in question is someone you are not able to talk to – like an authority figure at your workplace or in life, or someone who simply won’t listen to you, someone you fear. 

Here the second perspective is a good way to move forward. It is called talking to their higher self. 

What is your higher self? It is that part of you that is all wise, all knowing and all loving. It is free from your ego. When you access your higher self and their higher self, you put yourself in an empowering position to communicate with purity of intent. 

Sidra says – When people don’t do what you want them to do or when you feel helpless and disempowered in a relationship, talk to their higher self. It takes away the burden of change from your shoulders and empowers you to send the pure energy of love to the person. 

Communication is the essence of life and sometimes it is challenging to communicate with people when their egos and personalities get in the way. 

Can you imagine communicating and expressing your truth in a challenging relationship without saying a word? Here is a powerful tool Sidra Jafri used to help millions of people create powerful shifts in their relationships. It is called connecting with your higher self. Listen to the audio at the end of this blog and take the first step towards resolving conflict and challenge in your relationships. Happy relationships are key to living a fulfilled life. We hope this process helps you on that journey. 

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